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Pride Run Training Week 1

Richard has compiled a training program that starts today and runs up to the Pride Run on June 19th and it ties in with out regular runs and his training sessions.

Week 1
Monday 6km Run
Tuesday Day off
Wednesday Club Training
Thursday Day off
Friday Day off
Saturday 8km long run
Sunday Day off

I’ll post each weeks schedule in advance on website, Twitter and Facebook.

Targets 2014


Here are the targets I discussed at Fartlek the last 2 nights, these are mine for last year and this year, if you’re interested in setting some as well send me on the times and if there are enough submissions I’ll put these up on the website for some motivation.


1 Mile 3000m 5k 5 mile 10k 10 mile 1/2 mara marathon
2013 Target 00:05:30 00:19:00 00:31:00 00:39:00 01:05:00 01:33:00 03:20:00
2013 Actual 00:05:30 00:18:41 00:31:12 00:39:50
2014 Target 00:05:25 00:11:00 00:18:30 00:30:45 00:39:00 01:05:00 01:28:00 03:15:00