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AGM 2017

imageOur AGM will be held on Thursday 12 January 2017 in the Central Hotel, Exchequer St.. Agenda, including the nomination process for the new committee and chair will be issued beforehand.

Note that attendance and voting is restricted to paid members, for administrative and security reasons, we will not be able to accept payment on the day or evening so membership must be renewed in advance.

Please attend and have your say in this important forum.  We need a quorum of one third of membership for the meetings to be valid.

AGM 2016 Agenda

Here’s the agenda for our forthcoming AGM, 14th January, if you have any questions or other business you’d like answered/discussed please let me know in advance.

  1. Chairpersons introduction
  2. Minutes from last years AGM & EGM
  3. Training/Fartlek
  4. Secretary’s Report
  5. Pride Run 2015
    • Pride Run 2016
    • Vote for Pride Run 2016
  6. Social Secretary’s Report
  7. Nerilee’s presentation
  8. Treasurers Report
    • Nominate Auditor for 2016
  9. Fee Rise to €40
    Current fee is €30 with €17 for AAI, club retains €12.18 (€0.82 transaction fee).
  10. Elect Chair
  11. Committee Formation
  12. Runners of the year
  13. AOB