New Members Run

New MembersWe have New Member runs on the first Saturday in January, April, July and October. Though you can join us at any of our regular runs on a Saturday, it can be a bit daunting your first time, and it helps to have some other new people around.

We usually have a few volunteers to pair up with new runners, to show you the route and introduce you to other members.

New Members 05If you’ve been thinking about joining Dublin Front Runners why not come along and see if you like it, if you have friends who are interested they’re more than welcome too.

Ideally you should be able to run between 5k and 10k (or you can join our walking division), and it’s best to arrive 10 mins before our start time at 10am. If you are coming along let us know and we can keep an eye out for you, contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.

There is a membership fee that covers insurance, but it’s not necessary to pay this immediately, we suggest new runners try a few runs first.

For a full list of our New Member runs check out our Events page.