Pride Run FAQ

Dublin Pride Run – What is this all about?

Dublin Front Runners will launch the 8th annual Pride Run in June 2019.. The event is a summer 5k fun run in the park, which is open to everyone – beginners, novices or more experienced runners, members of the LGBT community, their friends and families, visitors to Dublin and locals. The run is an inclusive event which aims to promote health and well being among the entire community through exercise. So if you’re over 18, young or old, single or partnered, sign up today! It’s a great opportunity to have a jaunt around the park.

What is the date of the fun run for 2019?

The event will be run on Friday 21nd June 2019.

What is the start time of the fun run?

The race will start at 7.30pm sharp.

What is the distance?

5km , or approximately 3.1 miles.

Where will the run take place?

The race will start and finish on the Acres Road in the Phoenix Park

When can I enter?

Entries are open now but must be received by the closing date of Wednesday 14th June 2018  or when we are sold out.

How do I enter?

Click here

Is it a guaranteed entry or a lottery?

Your race number is guaranteed once you have paid your entry fee.

Do I have to run for a charity to get a race number?

No, you are not required to run for a charity to gain a race number.

Do I need a qualifying time to run?

No, you don’t need a qualifying time to run. The event is for walkers, joggers, runners and everyone in between.

What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is €25 plus €1.40 website registration fee

What happens when I enter online?

Your credit card details will be taken and debited for the entry fee amount of €20 plus a handling charge of €1.40. You will receive an e-mail confirming your entry.

All race numbers may be collected from the registration tent on the day of the event. The tent will be located in the vicinity of the Papal Cross Car Park on the afternoon of the run. Please ensure that you collect your race bib no later than 30 minutes before the start of the run.

Who can I contact for help?

Please contact the organizers at

What should I do if I am ill or injured before the race?

You must be fit and well to participate. Severe exertion which can be caused by running during, or soon after, any kind of fever, is extremely dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation you must withdraw – even if this is the first time you are running the event.

Do I get a refund or deferment if I can’t run?

Sorry, under no circumstances will you get a refund or, deferment if you can’t run.

Where do I pick up my RACE / BIB number (Race Pack)?

All race numbers may be collected from the registration tent on the day of the event. The tent will be located in the vicinity of the Papal Cross Car Park on the afternoon of the run. Please ensure that you collect your race bib no later than 30 minutes before the start of the run.

How do I get to the Phoenix Park?

We recommend that you take the Luas to Heuston Station. If you walk along Chesterfield Avenue to Áras an Uachtaráin, you will find the registration tent and bag drop near the roundabout. Please note this is a distance of one mile from the front gate of the park.

For those who travel via car, you may park on Chesterfield Avenue, the Papal Cross car park or, at the Phoenix Park Visitor’s Centre.

An Garda Siochana advise that parking is absolutely prohibited in the area surrounding St Mary’s Hospital, Acres Road and Chapelizod Gate.

Do I need to wear the race number / bib?

You must wear a chip to get an official finishing time. Do not leave without collecting your race number (with the chip). Remember: NO CHIP, NO TIME

Where is the start of the race?

The start of the race will be on the Acres Road.

Where can I leave baggage?

A baggage area will be provided near the finish area. At the Finish, you will be able to collect your kit bag from the same area, on production of your running number. Do not leave valuables in baggage.  Race organisers will not be responsible for any losses.

What should I wear in the race?

Wear shoes, shorts and a singlet that you have worn before, do not wear new clothes on race day.

Should I wear the race (bib) number on the front or back?

Wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last kilometer.

What should I do?

Make sure you pin your race number on as directed using the pins provided. Don’t fold your race number in any way.

Always listen out to any announcements from the race organiser. Some things may change on the day and this is the only way they can communicate it to you.

Try and plan your visits to the toilets carefully. They are placed beside the baggage area. Near to start time there are likely to be big queues, so the sooner you act the better!

What race day etiquette should I adhere to?

Wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last kilometer

If there are a few of you running together be aware of those behind you who might be trying to get past. Don’t line up across the width of the road, try and be in single file as much as possible. This is also true for those who are walking. If you hear someone trying to get past move across as soon as you can and let them go.

Don’t suddenly stop in the middle of the race. If you feel you need to tighten your shoelaces or you’ve a stone in your shoe, move across to the side of the road first and take whatever action is needed. Chaos will result if you suddenly stop without warning!

Will there be a drinks station?

Water will be available at the end of the race but not along the course since it is only 5k.

Take your turn and remember that often the far end of the water station will be empty. Don’t take more than you need and remember there will probably be plenty of people behind you whose requirements may be greater than yours.

When you move away from a water station remember to dispose of any litter carefully in the black bags provided by volunteers.

Always take note of instructions given to you by marshals throughout the race. Although you might not always agree with them they are there to help and advise and to look after your safety. Say thanks to them whenever you can. They will be volunteers who have given their time for your benefit.

What is the route for the race?

The fun run event is 5km and will start and finish near the Papal Cross on the Acres Road. (see Blue and Green pins on the map)

It consists of two laps around the marked course that runs beside the Acres Road, along the edge of the playing and hurling fields, the Military Magazine Fort and a small wood. The surface consists mainly of a tarmac walkway with grass edges, and a footpath along the Acres Road side.

View Pride Run in a larger map

What will the course be marked in?

The route will be marked with kilometer signs and marked at 1 Km intervals.

Where will the toilets be located?

Toilets will be provided at the baggage area, a small amount will be provided in the start area.

Where will the First Aid stations be located?

The first aid station will be located at the finish. Order of Malta volunteers will staff the first aid station.

What happens at the finish line?

At the finish, you will be ‘funnelled’ through the finish gantry. There is no need to remove your chip or bib as these are disposable. We will provide you with water to re-hydrate.

As is the case from the start of your day to the end, don’t leave any rubbish lying around the finish area. It’s always a huge job to get the venue back to its pre-race state and it will be a lot easier if runners take everything home with them or place it in the bins provided.

What time will I be given for the race?

The Dublin Pride Run times every single runner by use of a ‘Chip’. Race results and times will be based on the elapsed time taken by each runner between the Start signal and Finish Line. The web site will also show your chip time, which is the time taken for you from when you crossed the start line to the time you crossed the finish line. Your chip is attached to the back of your race (Bib) number.

What do I do if I need to drop out?

If you have to drop out during the race for any reason, make your way to a steward (volunteer wearing a high vis jacket located along the route) If you are injured they will provide transport to the finish. If you can make your own way there to retrieve your kit bag, please do so. Bags not collected by 21.30hrs will be taken away. Contact us after Race Day if you can not make it to the finish.

Where can I meet friends and relatives after the race?

Do not rely on your mobile as your only means of communication on the day. Mobile phone reception can be patchy in the park. The Papal Cross Car Park is a good location to meet friends after the run.

Please note: there will be a PA system in operation throughout the day at the Finish; this is only for the official race commentary and emergency announcements, NOT for runners seeking lost friends or family.

When can I get Results?

We will post the official results on myrunresults website straight after the race.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO read very carefully the final instructions, including detailed information on all aspects of Race Day and Start and Finish procedures.
  • DO wear your race (bib) number on the front. Anyone without an official race (bib) number on the front may be removed from the race in the last Kilometre.
  • DO put any important medical information and a contact number in case of emergencies on the back of your race (bib) number.
  • DO please keep all your personal possessions with you at all times prior to and after the race.
  • DO report any unattended bag to any nearby steward or Garda.
  • DO report any suspicious incident to the Garda or a nearby steward.
  • DO go out and enjoy the race!
  • DO tell your friends about us when you get home.
  • DO NOT wear new shoes or clothing on Race Day.
  • DO NOT leave valuables in the kit bag you place in the baggage area unless you have absolutely no choice.
  • DO NOT give your kit bag to anyone other than your friends and relatives or the Baggage staff.
  • DO NOT bring any valuables with you.
  1. B. It is recommended that any potential participant not currently involved in physical sporting activity, should undertake a medical examination before taking part in the run.

Huge thanks to all of our volunteers, sponsors and event partners. Good luck everyone!

Dublin Pride Run Committee 2018