Gay Theatre Festival

IDGTF Logo 2015 GreenGareth had suggested Irish Historical Theatre Shorts on in the Cobalt Cafe Saturday 7th 7:30pm,

Three plays spanning over a century of Irish LGBT history from the 1890’s and Oscar Wilde’s imprisonment through a love story in 1916 to the height of the Celtic Tiger.

Get your tickets in advance at the link below, and we’ll head to the Front Lounge afterwards for a few drinks.

There are plenty of other plays on during the festival, check out the Gay Theatre website to view the programme.

And thanks to Gareth for his help 🙂

Table Quiz 2016

Wednesday was our annual table quiz, a big thank you to our members who came out to support on the night and brought friends and family, this is our biggest fundraising event and your support is appreciated.

I’d also like to thank our host Sinéad Burke who has hosted our quiz for the last 3 years, The George Bar for having us and all the help they provided on the night, the volunteers from the club, Martha, Anne Maire, Claire, Siobhan, John K, John C and Eithne, along with the committee especially Gregory for all his work and fab questions 🙂

Finally a thank you to those who donated prizes, Kevin, Leo, Jacqui, Steve Boylan, Gareth, The Garden Powerscourt, Nancy Hands, The George Bar and the Phoenix Cafe.

We raised €670 for our club and thanks to the winning team generously donating their winnings, we raised €1,100 for our Pride Run Charity the LGBT Helpline.

Thank you

AAI National 10km Results

Last Sunday was the AAI National 10km Championship with a number of DFR’s running.

Great Ireland Run
Great Ireland Run

AAI Women’s 10K

Position BIB Name Category Cat Pos Time
160 659 Martha Cahill 40+ 25 00:51:12
161 753 Sandra Galvin 40+ 26 00:51:12
 164 3699 Susan Reilly 40+ 27 00:51:21
172 765 Siobhan O’Brien 40+ 30 00:52:18
 203 761 Regina Byrne 35+ 50 00:56:26
 210 3706 Maria Calnan 40+ 40 00:57:06
245 5048 Patricia Paffen 35+ 56 01:04:48

AI Men’s 10K

Position BIB Name Category Cat Pos Time
151 282 Dermot McCarthy 40+ 30 00:40:56
181 454 Antion Verdu 40+ 37 00:44:43
196 523 Damien Molloy 45+ 21 00:45:42

Great Ireland 5k

Position BIB Name Time
614 7867 Joanne Emmett 00:36:14

AAI Women’s 10K Team

Position Name Team Category Combined Time
23 Martha Cahill
Sandra Galvin
Susan Reilly
35+ 02:33:45
 30 Siobhan O’Brien
Regina Byrne
Maria Calnan
35+ 02:45:50

AAI Men’s 10K Team

Position Name Team Category Combined Time
22 Dermot McCarthy
Antion Verdu
Damien Molloy
35+ 02:11:21

Berlin Half 2016 Results

A great weekend and race in Berlin, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves 🙂 Check out the photo’s here, and the results below.

Place Cat Place Number Name Category Chip Time
12566 1707 6220 Barry, John (IRL) M40 02:17:04
3376 467 7199 Bigley, Lydia (IRL) W35 02:04:20
8640 1223 8491 Langan, Damien (IRL) M40 01:59:03
1613 274 8911 Bamming, Patrick (GRL) M35 01:34:39
3573 570 8989 Chambers, Andrew (IRL) M35 01:43:13
10438 1459 9394 Cotterell, John (IRL) M40 02:05:45
7960 1058 9681 Dasilva, Luiz (USA) M50 01:57:06
2738 362 9724 Davis, Madeleine (IRL) W40 02:00:54
3298 572 9965 Dempsey, Robert (IRL) M30 01:42:10
13896 1849 12133 Fox, Edmund (IRL) M40 02:30:36
4264 666 16650 Hurley, Gareth (IRL) M35 01:45:33
3529 522 18132 Keane, John (IRL) M45 01:43:02
10473 1634 18245 Kennedy, Richard (IRL) M45 02:05:53
762 80 20553 Buckley, Ray (IRL) M45 01:28:10
14032 2006 21639 Lonergan, Pat (IRL) M35 02:33:22
12117 1871 22038 Lyoms, Gregory (IRL) M45 02:14:05
2825 395 22396 Marcelin, Johnny (FRA) M45 01:40:13
14031 1079 22795 Mc Loughlin, Seamus (IRL) M55 02:33:21
1279 201 22805 Mccarthy, Dermot (IRL) M40 01:32:22
1455 230 23671 Moore, Seamus (IRL) M40 01:33:37
4656 676 25279 O’Reilly, Declan (IRL) M40 01:46:53
2726 477 25285 O’Riordan, Ed (IRL) M30 01:39:48
3362 496 26772 Prendergast, David (IRL) M45 01:42:23
7227 1085 33141 Tierney, Kieran (IRL) M45 01:55:02
2924 331 33405 Treanor, Declan (IRL) M50 01:40:41

Wednesday Location Change

Location Change PicIt’s that time of the year again, since the clocks have moved forward the evenings are long enough to move back to the Cricket grounds on Chesterfield Avenue.

For anyone new if you’re coming in from Parkgate St. entrance go through the first roundabout, it’s the 2nd turn on the left, follow the road all the way to the end and there’s a large car park. (map here, yellow pins).

Berlin 2016 Details

Berlin 2015 PosterWe have nearly 30 runners heading to Berlin this weekend for the half on Sunday, I’ve put together all the info you need on the events page on our website;

Important points

  • Collect you number Friday or Saturday, and bring the right documents
  • Meeting at 8:45/9am on the morning of the race @ Berlin Congress Center
  • Wear your DFR singlet please
  • Dinner booked for 6pm Sunday @ Brauhaus Lemke
  • Stay out of trouble… or at least don’t get photographed 🙂

You should have received an email requesting In Case of Emergency contact details from the organisers, in light of recent events ensure you complete this please.

Anyone who needs a singlet let me know and I will bring one for you, I won’t have a stock of them with me so you need to let me know in advance.

Patricks Day 5k and Tyrone 5K

Some great running over the St. Patrick’s weekend, the annual Metro St. Brigid’s St. Patrick’5 Day 5k from the Mansion House in Dublin.

Patrick's Day 5k
Patrick’s Day 5k

And congrats to Ray Buckley for taking 1st place in the Washingbay Green Run 🙂

Ray's 1st place trophy in Tyrone 5K
Ray’s 1st place trophy in Tyrone 5K