How to join

As required under the Covid 19 protocols of the Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI), we record the contact details of all  attendees of our club runs, for tracking and tracing purposes. This means that all participants at our club runs must be current members of the Dublin Front Runners. 

Annual membership of the Dublin Front Runners costs €40 (€20 of which is retained by the AAI to cover the costs of insurance and registration). Below are some of the key benefits of membership of the Dublin Front Runners – in addition to enjoying a healthy hobby and getting the opportunity to meet nice people:

  • Access to all club runs – which are announced via our members only Meetup group.
  • Full Insurance cover on club runs, via the Athletics Association of Ireland.
  • Access to training sessions, delivered by experienced coaches.
  • Support from at least 1 committee members at each run, to introduce you to the other club members and answer any questions.
  • You will receive a regular newsletter by email.
  • Invitations to all club social events.
  • We will keep you informed about races we enter as a club.
  • You will be added (if you wish), to our members communication platforms on Facebook and Whatsapp

To become a member, we will require you to complete the email template below and send it to

Subject: New Member registration

Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Mobile Number:
Home Address:
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Mobile Number:
Are you currently a member of another Running Club: Yes/No
(If yes, please indicate which club you are a member of).

On receipt of this email, we will forward your details to the AAI. You will then receive an email requesting a membership fee of €40 together with instructions on how to make the payment.