DFR’s Social Calendar 2017

Below some impressions of our club events. Besides running on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday we also like to have fun. Thanks to every Dublin Front Runner (DFR) that provided us with these lovely pictures.


In April we had our annual fund raiser for the club and this year we organized a Bingo evening. Thanks to The George and Davina for hosting our event and to our sponsors on the night.

Cafe Bliss

In May we had a lovely evening out in Cafe Bliss with the club. We had some brilliant chats and talked about other topics then just running.

Dublin Pride

June marks the return of Dublin Pride and this year we secured a place behind EIR, which provided us with some music along the way. Before we went off we had Brunch in KC Peaches. It was a great event again this year and always nice to catch up with the DFR’s.

Picnic In the Park (2X)

In July we could not resist the beautiful weather and not having a Picnic, this was such a great success we organized another picnic in August. Lesson we learned, is that not everyone should bake something sweet. #Sugaroverload


The annual DFR BBQ took place in September and below you can see an impression on how much fun we had.

Platform 61

As cafe Bliss was a huge success, we decided to organize another event out and went to Platform 61 in October.

Race Participation

Besides having fun, our first love stays running and we participate in several races, visit several countries (Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Cologne, Lanzarote), train a lot and love to meet up with our fellow Front Runners..