DFR Impression 2017

Below some impressions of our club events. Besides running on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday we also like to have fun.

Thanks to every Dublin Front Runner (DFR) that provided us with these lovely pictures.

Bingo – April

In April we had our annual fund raiser for the club and this year we organized a Bingo evening. Thanks to The George and Davina for hosting our event and to our sponsors on the night.

Cafe Bliss- May

In May we had a lovely evening out in Cafe Bliss with the club. We had some brilliant chats and talked about other topics then just running.

Dublin Pride – June

June marks the return of Dublin Pride and this year we secured a place behind EIR, which provided us with some music along the way. Before we went off we had Brunch in KC Peaches. It was a great event again this year and always nice to catch up with the DFR’s.

Picnic In the Park Part 1 – July

We could not resist the beautiful picnic and not having a Picnic, this was such a great success we organized another picnic in August. Lesson we learned, is that not everyone should bake something sweet. #Sugaroverload

Besides having fun, our first love stays running and we participate in several races, visit several countries (Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Cologne, Lanzarote), train a lot and love to meet up with our fellow Front Runners..