Wednesday Run Move

It’s that time of year again and we’ll be moving to the Garda HQ for our Wednesday night run as of 30th September,┬áit’s important you bring some reflective gear when you’re running Wednesday’s during Autumn – Spring as its quite dark, some runners use head torches as well.

Dingle Results 2015

Thanks to Ronan for compiling this; Dingle half times were: Dermot McCarthy 01:31:48 Tom Foley 01:32:11 Dermot Dawson 01:35:30 Ray Buckley 01:36:33 Aidan Rodgers 01:38:26 Tom Crowley 01:42:43 Eric Reyes 01:44:35 Darek Kuc 01:45:31 Gregory Curran 01:48:45 Ronan MacMuiris 01:50:56 Richard Kennedy 01:56:07 Luiz da Silva 01:59:07 Adrian Harte 02:07:04 Seamus McLoughlin 02:10:00 First DFR home Dermot McC placed 62nd …